CLV 2

    The Landsail CLV2 is a summer tyre especially for Crossovers & SUVs. The special rubber compound, the extra reinforced base and the tread design guarantee dependable and predictable driving behaviour in larger SUVs. The solid and extra wide, centrally placed tread line guarantees a stable driving behaviour and optimal braking behaviour. The 4 circumferential grooves provide powerful performance on a wet surface and while driving through curves with a higher speed. The extra wide shoulders create more contact with the surface, providing more stability. The Landsail CLV2 is in a class of its own under the SUV tyres.

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    16 inch
    215 65HR 16102HCB722
    225 70HR 16103HCB712
    235 60HR 16100HEB712
    235 60VR 16100VEB712
    235 70HR 16106HCB712
    265 70HR 16112HCB722
    17 inch
    225 60HR 1799HEB712
    225 65HR 17102HEB712
    235 65HR 17108HCB722
    245 65HR 17107HEB712
    18 inch
    235 50ZR 18XL101WCB722
    235 55VR 18XL104VCB722
    265 60HR 18XL114HCB732
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