4-Seasons Van

    The Landsail 4-seasons van is a high-tech product. The tyre’s exclusive surface design makes it an excellent choice for all seasons. The unique dual compound surface creates good traction under all conditions. Whether it’s summer, fall, winter or spring, you can travel safely. Therefore, the tyre sports the 3-peak mountain flake symbol, which means they meet the winter legislation in country’s such as Germany.

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    15 inch
    195 70 R 15104RCB722
    215 70 R 15109RCB722
    225 70 R 15112SCB722
    16 inch
    195 65 R 16104RCB722
    195 75 R 16107RCB722
    205 65 R 16107TCB722
    205 75 R 16110TCB722
    215 65 R 16109TCB722
    215 75 R 16113RCB722
    225 65 R 16112SCB722